TICL can arrange credit products such as bank instruments for its professional clients, such as institutional investors, pension funds, SWF's and private offices.
TICL can advise professional clients, such as businesses and infrastructure developers on credit products. As financial advisors, we assist the client in maintaining the desired balance of investment income, capital gains, and acceptable level of risk by using proper asset allocation.
TICL can arrange for cash against bank instruments for clients worldwide by arranging monetizing against owned or leased bank instruments and other financial instruments through its relationships with banks globally.
TICL can provide investment advisory, financial planning and wealth management services to its clients. TICL can pursue private investment opportunities referred through banks, venture capital firms and its global network of professional banking consultants.

Further business activities ticl offers on advisory basis only:

Acquisition finance/mergers and acquisitions:
TICL can advise on structuring the financing of cross-border mergers, acquisitions (asset and equity), leveraged buyouts, restructuring and more.

Venture capital:
When there is a new project, TICL can liaise between the project owners and investors on the transactions range from early stage seed rounds through late stage venture rounds involving the issuance of preferred stock, convertible debt instruments, warrants and secured as well as unsecured bridge debt.

Arranging custody:
TICL can arrange custody for Professional clients such as institutional investors, pension funds, SWF"S, private offices by undertaking due diligence and entering into arrangements with Custodians where required for the clients investments.
We provide a full range of advisory services to our corporate and government clients around the world. In a clearly structured process, we produce a needs analysis with our clients, develop a financial concept, create a personal risk profile, and establish a strategy for each client's investment goals.